The best way to manage your day.

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    Focus on your five most important tasks today
    Track your tasks for today, tomorrow, and the future
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    Enjoy advanced task support
    Repeating tasks, advanced tagging, priorities and due dates all supported
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    Personalized reports just for you
    Several built-in reports are generated just for you to see exactly how you are managing your day
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    Works with any Devices
    Our advanced interface scales to many difference kinds of devices

Our Features

We provide the following compelling features to manage your day:

Todo list

Track your important tasks for today, tomorrow, and the future. Old tasks are archived, and all tasks are tagged and searchable by you alone.


Generate advanced reports to see how you are managing your tasks over time, including multiple graphs and time periods.


Review task lists each day, including an archive of previous days. Maintain your daily journal in rich text, ideal for capturing your thoughts and meeting notes. Journal entries are also searchable!

If you wish to avail of the above features, you can sign up now for free. We are also working on more features coming soon!