About us

Five.Today is a highly-secure personal productivity application designed to help you to manage your priorities more effectively, by focusing on your five most important tasks that you need to achieve each day.

Our goal is to help you to keep track of all your tasks, notes and journals in one beautifully simple place, which is highly secure via end-to-end encryption. Join Five.Today today!

Why should I use Five.Today?

Most similiar applications fail because they are too complex, and require a lot of effort from you every day in order to maintain your task list. Instead, we aim to keep things simple with the following daily flow:

  1. Decide which five (or more) tasks you want to do today.
  2. Aim to get them done by the end of your day.
  3. Repeat again tomorrow.

Personal productivity is a daily habit, not a heavy process, and we aim to keep our core application simple to enable you to develop and maintain that good habit.

Our Features

Todo list

Track your important tasks for today, tomorrow, and the future. Old tasks are archived, and all tasks are tagged and searchable by you alone.


Generate advanced reports to see how you are managing your tasks over time, including multiple graphs and time periods.


Review your task lists each day, including an archive of previous days. Maintain your daily journal in rich text, ideal for capturing your thoughts and meeting notes. Journal entries are also searchable by you alone!

Privacy and security

On Five.Today you will never find sharing options, or advertisements. Your todo list, reports, and journal entries are just for you and not for sharing! We strongly value your personal privacy and will never share your content with 3rd parties. Furthermore, Five.Today encrypts all of your todo and journal content before storage, providing end-to-end encryption. Please see our privacy policy for more.